Professional Work

All work show is from Edward's time at Boathouse Beverage Co., Norwalk, Ct.


12oz Slim Can


Full extension of the brands already existing 12oz glass bottle, to a 12oz sleek can. While staying true to the brands original concept and identity, the design brings forth a new palette of typography and added eye catching details.

6pk Slim Can


Full re-design of the previously existing 12oz bottle 6pack, into a 12oz slim can 6pack. The product remains true to the original bottle packaging, while offering exciting new design elements and fully revisited typography.

6pk Slim Can Case Tray


The final step in branding the SpikedSeltzer can package was the consumer facing case tray. The tray was designed to act as in-store point of purchase, by creating a fully designed and connected stack of product.

Club Pack


An extension of the Variety 12pk, the large format package offers appeal to club stores and major chains retailers.

It's design is meant to fit the theme of the variety 12pk, establishing the look and feel of the brands multiple variety packages vs. single flavor.

(Concept - August 2017)


Billboard concept designed to deliver a clean, straight forward message to the driver. The design, adaptable to all flavors, gives distributors the option to highlight the flavor of their choice.
Ex. Boston distributors may want to highlight Cape Cod Cranberry.

Tasting Table

(Concept - April 2017)


Corrugate display used for an in store tastings of the product. The display would be used primarily in new territories who are not familiar with the brand attributes, or social media campaigns.

6Pack Display

(Concept - April 2016)


Concept for a corrugated cardboard rack, displaying three layers of SpikedSeltzer 6Pack can packages.
The display would act as initial point of sale for retail stores in new territories, while driving the consumer to the brands digital outlets.