Location: Atlanta, GA


Age: 26


Education: Bachelor of Arts

Graphic Design & Studio Arts

Sacred Heart University


Typeface of Choice: Geomanist


Favorite Food: Mama’s rice


Fears: Going blind, swimming in the ocean, fear itself


Hobbies: Carpentry, hand crafts, board sports, portrait photography, my work, my Instagram account

Edward Garrity, age 26, is a recent graduate of Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT with a Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design and Studio Art. After his undergraduate years, he worked as an in-house designer and photographer for Boathouse Beverage, LLC (acquired by Anheuser-Busch 2016) working exclusively on their disruptive craft beer brand, SpikedSeltzer. There, he worked on all things visual, from print collateral, package design and product development, to product / lifestyle photography for the national expanding brand. Currently, Edward is a recent Atlanta based artist working in design and digital photography for The Office of Health & Well-Being at The Georgia Institute of Technology. Outside of the office, Edward experiments with 35mm film photography and woodblock printmaking.



Artist Statement


“A designer bought a camera.” This is the truest description of my work. As a young creative professional, my graphic design education is the leading drive behind my photography work. Each frame I shoot is focused through this design filter, concentrating on every detail of composition from its balance, repetition, alignment, contrast, emphasis, and flow. New to a camera, I think of the device as another creative software to master, constantly experimenting with its extreme settings to produce intentional results. My work exhibits attention to symmetry, obsessive perpendicular lines, wide color palette, and a large focus on an individual figure or object. I emphasize negative space through a vigorous following of the rule of thirds in order to guide the viewer to the subject in focus. By looking through a lens with this graphic mentality, I aim to capture life with the up most attention to detail.


Along side this graphic approach, I look to use a camera as a way to evoke a feeling. In most cases, warm and fuzzy, almost a dreamlike state by using soft pastels with inviting and approachable content. But sometimes uncomfortable and tense, using dramatic lighting, emotional subject matter, and tight cropping compositions which bring the subject matter to the foreground. It is, in the end, all a big experiment.


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