Location: Connecticut


Age: 24


Education: Bachelor of Arts

Graphic Design & Studio Arts

Sacred Heart University


Typeface of Choice: Geomanist


Favorite Food: Mama’s rice


Fears: Dying alone, the ocean, fears


Hobbies: Carpentry, hand crafts, board sports, portrait photography, my work, my Instagram account

I am a Connecticut based graphic designer and photographer. With a BA in Graphic Design, and secondary concentration in Studio Arts, I represent a well rounded creative with experience in a multitude of mediums. Although my background reflects a primarily design based education, I have found major achievements in my professional career through extracurricular practice in photography. Photography for me, is a lens I look through which allows me to see the world for its beauty, light, texture, infinite color and composition. I have fallen in love with a camera, and hold most of my initial spark of interest to the artist assistant position I held during my undergraduate career.


As an assistant to my professor Nathan Lewis, I was exposed to a photo shoot environment for the first time. I learned the importance of light, its direction, intensity, warmth and so on. But more importantly, I saw how a camera can be used as a tool like any other creative program, and became anxious to learn more.


Towards the end of my undergraduate, I found a chance to explore design and photography in an office setting through an internship with a start-up beverage company, Boathouse Beverage. The brand, now a subsidiary company of Anheuser-Busch InBev, is known for it’s disruptive beer product, SpikedSeltzer. While working with the team as an intern, I was able to take advantage of the start-up environment, and explore a camera and design for use in real world projects.


After my graduation in 2015, I was hired by the brand full time into a highly demanding position. Sales were through the roof and have not slowed down. I quickly became well versed in my manual settings when I persuaded the co-owners to let me turn one of the 8’x8’ closets into my studio. I painted the walls and purchased a beginner soft-box kit. But I soon outgrew my fish-tank, taking on more work in lifestyle photography as the brand’s social media platforms rapidly grew. Not having spent a dollar on traditional marketing, the nationally expanding brand relied on it’s social media pages for all of it’s consumer outreach. This demand is what gave me the chance to work with our social-media and public relations teams to take my photography work to a new level.


These past 3 years working with the brand have given me a rock solid foundation, and a genuine passion for design and photography inside and out of the office. I have gained experience working in a big-business, rapid pace demanding work environment, and gained an in depth knowledge of the food and beverage industry.




Let's make something awesome!